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Step 02 - Select Your Autograph Price: $0.00

Select Your Autograph for CBCS Comic Book Drop-Off or Mail-In Submission ONLY


Orders must be placed and books received by date listed here for the selected Autograph above

For multiple signatures, enter one of this item for each signature requested on the Step 01 CBCS Submission and all comics must be received by the earliest requested signature date.



Comic book fans have been getting their comic books signed by artists and writers for as long as there have been conventions to go to. To help service these legions of fans, CBCS is proud to offer our Authentic Signature Program (ASP). Whether you collect sketch covers with original art, or autographs from your favorite comic book creator or celebrity, having Genuine COA obtain the autograph(s) for the Authentic Signature Program guarantees authenticity.

All Comic books submitted by Genuine COA under the Authentic Signature Program have been signed or sketched in the company of a CBCS Authorized Witness, and immediately submitted for grading and encapsulation. Because the Authorized Witnesses verifies the authenticity of the autograph or sketch the book is then labeled as certified with our prominent Authentic Signature label. Each Authentic Signature comic book is sealed in a crystal-clear (PETG) inner sleeve and then encapsulated in a hard case. The result, is an authenticated and well-protected comic book which will stand out in any collection and will be a discussion piece for years to come.

Genuine COA will participate in special/private signings to get the requested autographs.  Immediately following the signing, if your signatures are complete, we will send in your comic book to CBCS for grading and encapsulation.  If not completed, it will stay protected and in our custody for the next signing(s) until all signatures are acquired, then sent to CBCS for grading and encapsulation.  By taking advantage of this offer, you can create your ideal collectible without the expense of convention tickets, flights, hotels, meals and more. 

This cost is based upon early estimates of the autograph costs. Genuine COA reserves the right to update this cost at any time. Any orders placed before the price change will receive an email or phone call with the new pricing information and given the opportunity to decide whether or not to proceed with the order. Either a Paypal invoice will be sent to you for the difference, or the item will be shipped back with a full refund, minus the shipping charges. All comics must be prepped for signing prior to arrival to Genuine COA.  Any comics requiring preparation will incur an additional $5.00 fee.  You may make a request, however, there is no guarantee of the color in which the autographs will appear, they will be signed by the Sharpie Pen made available, most likely in silver.  If you require a specific color, please send the preferred Sharpie with the book.  Any Sharpies sent will not be returned.  If you have not prepped your comic, the signature placement will be up to the artists' descretion and Genuine COA will not be held liable for percieved "damages" based upon placement of the signature.  If you prep your comic, you can determine placement.