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Step 01 - CBCS Comic Book Submission Price: $0.00

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Issue Info
Year Info
Publisher Info
Variant Info
Pedigree Info
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Fast Pass Info $10
Image Info $6
Slideshow Info $300
Repackaging Info $5
Case Opening Info $10
Signature Info $5
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(+3-12 weeks)

Grading and Encapsulation Service

(Autograph Costs Not Included - Add Step 02 for Autographs for Mail-In Submissions)

(Shipping with Insurance to and from CBCS for Encapsulation starts at $30 for the first Comic and will be Added at checkout)

Pricing is for CBCS Grading and Encapsulation Services ONLY!  Autographs are additional cost.

For mail-in submissions, you must also add the corresponding autograph(s) - Step 02 - to the cart and prep your own comic for signing.  If you want Genuine COA to prep the comic, then add the $5 Repackaging (listed above) to the order before adding this item to cart.


MODERN - $23 - 30 business days

      Comics in this group range from 1975's to the present and have a maximum value of $250.

TWO-DAY MODERN - $45 - 2 business days

      Comics in this group range from 1975's to the present and have a maximum value of $2000.

EXPANDED MODERN - $35 - 20 business days

      Comics in this group are pre-1974 and have a maximum value of $250.

CONSUMER - $39 - 30 business days

      Comics in this group range from 1930's to the present and have a maximum value of $400.

QUICKSTREAM - $63 - 10 business days

      Comics in this group range from 1930's to the present and have a maximum value of $2000.

RAPID - $100 - 4 business days

      Comics in this group range from 1930's to the present and have a maximum value of $4000.


The Additional Options are as follows:

  • Witness Services for Autographs - $10 per Signature Witnessed
  • Verification Services for Autographs - $25 per Authenticated Signature
  • Fast Pass - $10 per comic and reduces turn-around time by half
  • Image - $6 per comic with image of finished product emailed to you
  • Slideshow - $300 per comic with images of each page in the comic available online at
  • Pressing and Cleaning (adds additional time for processing) with additional options of a Pressing Fast Pass, which cuts the pressing time in half, and/or Screening, which allows the comic to be screened to determine if the Pressing would improve the grade.


The primary reason to grade a comic is that there is a direct correlation between the condition of the comic book and the value of the comic book. The higher the grade of a comic book is, in many cases, the higher the value will be.

To grade a comic you need to take into consideration a number of factors before being able to assess the correct grade. When initially looking at a comic book the first thing one will notice is the cover of the book. The cover of a comic is what typically takes the most abuse. Any amount of wear to the cover of the book must be factored into the condition and grading of the comic. This can include abrasions, tears, creases, bent corners, spine splits, chips, tape, stains and a multitude of other types of wear.

Comic book fans have been getting their comic books signed by artists and writers for as long as there have been conventions to go to. To help service these legions of fans, CBCS is proud to offer our Authentic Signature Program (ASP). Whether you collect sketch covers with original art, or autographs from your favorite comic book creator or celebrity, the Authentic Signature Program guarantees authenticity.

All Comic books submitted under the Authentic Signature Program have been signed or sketched in the company of a CBCS Authorized Witness, and immediately submitted for grading and encapsulation. Because the Authorized Witnesses verifies the authenticity of the autograph or sketch the book is then labeled as certified with our prominent Authentic Signature label. Each Authentic Signature comic book is sealed in a crystal-clear (PETG) inner sleeve and then encapsulated in a hard case. The result, is an authenticated and well-protected comic book which will stand out in any collection and will be a discussion piece for years to come.





Terms and Conditions

Comic Book Certification Service LLC’s (“CBCS”) grading and authenticity standards are fundamental to its concept of third-party grading. CBCS guarantees that all comics submitted to it shall be graded in accordance with its stringent grading standards and procedures. CBCS guarantees this comic book has been inspected by a minimum of two graders and one finalizer. The assigned grade represents our subjective opinion. In the unlikely event of any clerical errors with respect to the description or grade of a comic book, the clerical error will be corrected at no charge. Certain books may receive a “pedigree” designation at CBCS’s discretion and based on supplied information believed to be accurate by the grading staff. Books submitted to CBCS may be imaged by CBCS and used by CBCS at any time.

The CBCS comic book protective case is designed to be tamper-evident and has other security features to discourage fraudulent case tampering. Extremes in light, temperature, moisture, vibration and other environmental hazards can contribute to the deterioration of a comic book sealed in a CBCS protective case. For maximum protection, CBCS recommends you keep your CBCS certified comic books in an immobile, dark, temperature and humidity controlled area.

A restoration and conservation check has been performed on this book. This is done routinely, and in accordance with our guidelines and procedures. Detected restoration and conservation is noted on the label. A good faith effort is made to detect restoration and conservation, but CBCS cannot and does not warrant this process or the results. If restoration or conservation is detected, restored or conserved books will be assigned a descriptive “restored” or “conserved” label. If both restoration and conservation is detected, the label will note “restored” and the label will be assigned reflecting both the restoration and conservation. CBCS does not assure market acceptance of grade or restoration/conservation check.

If CBCS ships an invoice out later than our written turn around times, CBCS will give credit back to our clients. The guarantee does not included comic books that take extra time to grade due to: (1) restoration detection, (2) pedigree verification, (3) incomplete comics that require verification, (4) books that CBCS receives damaged from shipping by client or carrier, or (5) other factors and circumstances outside the control of CBCS. CBCS will make a good faith effort to alert a client, by ether phone or email, if books will ship late. Credit for this program, must be used within one year of date issued. The credit shall go as this:

If CBCS ships an invoice out more than 4 business days late, the client will get back a 2% credit.

If CBCS ships an invoice out more than 8 business days late, the client will get back a 4% credit.

If CBCS ships an invoice out more than 12 business days late, the client will get back a 5% credit.

The CBCS protective case is designed to open in order to allow for the removal of the comic book. However, opening the protective case voids all CBCS certifications, warranties and guarantees. To avoid damage to the book, extreme care in following the correct procedure for removal must be exercised. CBCS will not be financially responsible for damage that occurs to a book while not in our possession. If you are not familiar with the procedure for opening a CBCS protective case, you should contact a CBCS Customer Service representative, toll free at: 844-870-CBCS, for assistance.

A slideshow file will be created using still images of every page and the interior covers of your comic book.  We are offering this service to our customers who would still like to the opportunity to see their entire comic after having it certified and encapsulated by CBCS.  These internal images are only to help understand why that specific book was graded the way it was by the CBCS experts, as the interior defects (or lack thereof) and not only the cover, are taken into account when grading.  There will be a special QR target printed on the back of your CBCS label that will take you to our site where your slideshow will be stored indefinitely.  The cost for this service is only $30 per book.

The services provided by Genuine COA are for witness and submission services only and the prices reflected in this item do not include the cost of autograph(s) on the item.  Customer (you) understand that once signed/submitted to Genuine COA, Genuine COA will maintain possession of the comic until sent to CBCS for grading and encasement.  The comic will be carefully packaged and shipped to CBCS.  The location of the signature and color of the signature are not guaranteed.  The artists will be told your preference, but everything is still at their discretion.  Genuine COA is not liable for damages that occur during shipment.

By placing the order for this item, you agree to accept the terms and conditions as they are outlined here.