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Conditions of Sale

1) Cancelation of a pre-ordered Certificate of Authenticity (only) made prior to the opening day of the event, will be issued a full refund. Cancelation of a package which includes the Certificate of Authenticity, the Autograph Tickets from the Event and the Artwork made available will not be refunded.

2) All sales are final on the first day of the event, with the singular exception of the cancelation of the appearance of the person(s) for whose autograph you have ordered the Certificate of Authenticity.

3) In the event that the person for whose autograph you have ordered the Certificate of Authenticity cancels the appearance at the venue, you will be given the option of either receiving a refund or a Certificate of Authenticity of equal value for a different autograph.

4) In the event that you have purchased a Certificate of Authenticity for a select group of signatures and one or more members of the group cancel their appearance at the venue, you will received a Certificate of Authenticity for the remaining members of the group and a refund of the difference in the adjusted price for the remaining autographs witnessed.

5) Unless clearly stated otherwise, all Certificates of Authenticity MUST be picked up from Genuine COA at the event on the day of and PRIOR to obtaining the actual autograph. Any autograph not witnessed by an authorized representative of Genuine COA being physically placed on an item of memorabilia, CANNOT be certified as Authentic by Genuine COA. The only time Certificates will be shipped to an individual is when Genuine COA offers a package for those who cannot attend the event. In such a case, Genuine COA will ship the Certificate of Authenticity to the customer once the signatures have been acquired from the convention and the certificate(s) will ship with the customer's item(s). 

6) Refunds WILL NOT be granted for failure to present yourself and the item of memorabilia to the Genuine COA booth to be assigned a witness PRIOR to receiving the requested autograph. Only exchanges will be made, in this circumstance, for a Certificate of Authenticity of equal value for a different autograph.

7) Refunds will not be granted for misunderstanding the purchase of a COA and what that purchase includes. The purchase of the Certificate of Authenticity, unless otherwise stated on the product page, does not constitute either the purchase of an item of memorabilia to be signed, a ticket to the event or the purchase of an autograph. Admission tickets for the event and purchase of the individual autographs must be made separately. Items of memorabilia to be signed MUST be provided by the customer. (The only exception to this policy is if Genuine COA offers a package for those who cannot attend the convention in which Genuine COA explicitly states otherwise).

8) Genuine COA will not give an opinion as to the authenticity of an autograph. We will only certify autographs for which a Genuine COA authorized representative has witnessed the signature being physically placed on an item of memorabilia by the signer.

9) If your item has already been signed by another individual, Genuine COA will notate, in the item description, the presence of a prior signature for which we do not authenticate and then list the signature(s) for which we have witnessed at the specific event.

10) Genuine COA is not responsible for any damage or defect made to an item during signing, shipping or by the presence of the holographic serialized tamper-proof sticker with the unique serial number.  Customers will select the placement of the sticker in its location, thereby accepting full liability and releasing Genuine COA of all liability.

11) Genuine COA's database only contains details of the signing.  Genuine COA does not record any damage or defect to an item and is not responsible for the condition of an item.

12) The owner of the Genuine COA certified memorabilia is responsible for contacting Genuine COA to make updates to the new/current ownership of the item to the database to maintain provenance.

13) Genuine COA does not guarantee a monetary value, nor its inflation of value, for the autographed memorabilia for which we have certified.