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The FBI’s website states, “up to 90 percent of the memorabilia on the market is forged. Industry experts estimate that the autographed memorabilia market in the United States is approximately $1 billion per year.”

That is $900,000,000.00 in forged autographs.

The majority of Certificates of Authenticity are generated by the company selling you the item. That means that you are taking their word for it. Even the most reputable authentication services only offer their opinion on the authenticity of the autographs you send them.

Unlike most autograph authentication services, we do not offer our opinion as to whether the signature is genuine. Our witnesses are there at the moment of signing. Our trusted witnesses are required to sign an affidavit, testifying that they were there when the signature was acquired on your specific item.

Autographs that are witnessed by a Genuine COA representative, are assigned a tamper-proof, holographic sticker loaded with security features, which further guarantees authenticity. Matching, serialized stickers are placed on both the item of memorabilia and the corresponding Certificate of Authenticity. This exclusive serial number can be verified at any time on the Genuine COA web site. When you enter the serial number into the search field, you will find details about the item and the event during which it was signed. All of these advantages make Genuine COA, a name that collectors trust.

In a market flooded with forgery, educated memorabilia buyers look for the true authenticity and security that Genuine COA provides.